Resistance is Futile

I Stand Here Alone.

St. Jimmy xox
3 November
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&; dramarulesme

I am Jess, I am female. Fifteen. Residing in Salem, IL. Attending SCHS. A freshman. SxE. More at home in a mosh pit. A melodramatic fool. Guitarist.

&; music

Hawthorne Heights. Bleed the Dream. My Chemical Romance. Trapt. Smile Empty Soul. System of a Down. Slipknot. The Killers. Fall Out Boy. Brand New. AFI. Guns n Roses. Senses Fail. The Used. Bowling for Soup. Danger xDolly. The Smashing Pumpkins. Crossfade. Cold. underOATH. Calico System. Garbage. Disturbed. Three Days Grace. Velvet Revolver. Audioslave. Nirvana. Evanescence. Breaking Benjamin. Green Day. HIM. Linkin Park. Aurynic. Aujalyn. When Mourning Comes. Pray for the Soul of Betty. MxPx. Marilyn Manson. Rise Against. Three Last Words. Westcott. ♥
Don't like my music? Don't care.

&; loves

Final Fantasy. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. My guitar. Sleep. Shows. Mosh pits. Sharpies. Rainy days. Music. Art. Photography. Poetry. My boots. Making icons. Food. DDR. CONSTANTINE MAROULIS! Dr. Pepper.

&; loathes

School. Algebra. Smoke. Mint flavored condoms. Trains. Idiots. Squeaky desks. Rap in general. George Dubya. Homophobes. Anchovies. CDs that skip. Uptight Christian bastards trying to force their religion down my throat.

&; friends only

There's nothing particularly special in my journal. I just don't feel the need to let everyone and their mothers read my journal. They are my own thoughts. It is my drama. If you want in on it, fine. Leave a comment on the right post.